Choosing A Gas Skid To Rent

If you have contaminated fuel that you would like to clean and repurpose, then you may want to rent a gas skid. Renting one of these units is a lot more affordable than purchasing one, especially if you only need to clean gas for a few weeks or months. If you start searching at local rental companies, though, you will soon notice something: there are lots of different types of gas skids. Here are some tips to follow as you choose the skid best for your needs. 

Select the right size for your needs.

There are gas skids intended for large, industrial plants that process thousands of gallons of gas per day. Then, there are smaller models designed for businesses that only process some of their own gas. Usually, rental companies carry skids on the smaller side because they are easier to transport and load into renters' cars. But you will want to check and confirm the size of the unit you're renting before you pick it up. Ask for the measurements of the skid and also the weight. Make sure your truck or other vehicles can manage this. Otherwise, you may need to either choose a smaller skid or rent a larger truck to transport a bigger skid.

Focus on the processing rate.

The larger the skid, the more gas it can process in a certain period. However, skids of the same size can still have different processing rates. The processing rate is often expressed in pounds per hour. Ask the rental company for a list of the processing rates of the various skids they have. Pick a skid with a processing rate a little higher than what you need in case your needs change partway through your rental period.

Check the safety features.

Does the unit have an emergency shut-off switch you can hit if something is going wrong? Does it have a feature that detects leaks and turns the skid off? Are there cages around any moving parts? These features don't necessarily affect the function of the skid, but they do keep you and anyone else who uses the equipment safe. Be wary of using a gas skid without these safety features.

Choosing a gas skid to rent can take some time and patience. When in doubt, stop by the rental company in person, and chat with an employee. Their insight should guide you.

Contact a local gas skid rental service to learn more.