3 Important Factors When Renting a Gas Skid Steer Loader

A skid steer loader is a great, compact, and maneuverable machine that can be great to have on your job site. You can use it for a wide range of jobs, from grading to digging to leveling. If you don't own your own skid, you can rent a gas skid steering loader from a rental company when you have a construction project going on. When it comes to renting one, there are a few things you need to consider in order to choose the exact right type of skid that allows you to get the most cost-effective work done on your job.

Wheeled or Tracked

Decide if you want a skid steer machine that is wheeled or one that is tracked. If you will mainly be working on surfaces that are already hard and level, such as concrete or asphalt, or even well-packed dirt, a wheeled skid steer is your best option. If you are mainly working on muddy, dirty, and rough surfaces, you will want to rent a tracked skid steer. They can easily move over things like gravel, mud, sand, and even snow without really compacting the material they are moving over.

Keep in mind that tracked skid steers are often more expensive than their wheeled counterparts and thus are usually a little more expensive to rent.


You need to determine what size of skid steer you need for your job. You will need to consider a few factors in order to know what size will work best for your job. You need to consider how much space you have to work with. If you are working in a really tight space, you will need to go with a smaller machine than if you are doing open work outside. You also need to consider how much horsepower you need to for the jobs you want to do. The heavier and more intense the work you need to complete, the more horsepower you need. Additionally, you need to consider the rated operating capacity (ROC) of the machine, which is essentially how much weight it can lift and move around at one time. A medium-sized machine works for most types of jobs, such as light landscaping and demolition work. If you need to do grading or excavate, you will want to go for a larger machine. 


When you rent a skid steer machine, you are more than likely also going to want to rent some attachments to go with it. The attachments will increase the amount and types of tasks you can do with the skid steer machine.

If you plan on getting attachments, you need to make sure that the machine you are renting has the horsepower and ROC necessary for that attachment type. You also need to pay attention to the hydraulic system on the steer you are renting; for certain high-performance attachments, such as an auger or trencher, you are going to want to work with a high-flow hydraulic system instead of a low-flow one. A high-flow hydraulic system will allow for the work to get done quicker.

The rental place, such as Fuzion Bi-Fuel Inc., should be able to help ensure that the attachments and the machine you rent work together. A skid steer machine can allow you to get a lot of work done quickly at your job site. When renting a skid steer machine, you need to consider if you need a wheeled or tracked machine, what size of machine you need, and what type of attachments you need to work with. Knowing this information will help you rent a machine that fully meets your needs.